History of Mauritius

History of Mauritius

Mauritius gained independence in 1968, after centuries of colonization by the Dutch (1598-1710), the French (1715-1810), and the British (1810-1968). The country formally broke ties with the British Crown in March 1992, becoming a sovereign republic within the Commonwealth. Mauritius has a highly diverse population of 1.3 million.

Mauritius is a development success story. Local time is 4 hours ahead of GMT (and consequently 3 hours ahead of Paris, Frankfurt and Geneva), 9 hours ahead of New York, 4 hours behind Hong Kong and 6 hours behind Sydney.

Mauritius offers a generous package of fiscal incentives to investors and is one of the few jurisdictions which have never been blacklisted by OECD, EU, FATF or UN.

Mauritius as a member of the COMESA and SADC benefit from Trade agreements with the member countries allowing for duty free export to the member countries of those regional blocs.

Mauritius offers access to a regional market of over 500 million consumers and according to its strategic positioning is the ideal platform for investors wishing to access the African Market and the Indian Ocean region.