Global Business Corporation (GBC)

A GBC is allowed to be locally incorporated or be registered as a branch of a foreign company. The main activities of a GBC are effected outside Mauritius but the Company is also allowed to do business in Mauritius (incidental to other markets), deal with residents of Mauritius and hold shares or other interests in a Mauritius resident corporation under certain conditions.

A GBC is tax resident in Mauritius and therefore subject to tax. It is eligible to benefit from the network of Double Tax Treaties that Mauritius has ratified with a number of countries.

Common uses of a GBC Company

  • To structure investments and projects in countries which are Mauritius double tax avoidance treaty partners.
  • Holding rights to intellectual property, such as industrial designs, copyrights, trademarks, patents
  • Trading, Consultancy services, Collective Investment Schemes, Closed-Ended Funds, Protected Cell Companies
  • Regional Headquartering; financing; marketing centre

Related Resources / Features of a GBC

Technical Sheet for GBC

How MITCO can help?

  • Assistance for registration of the Company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and application for the License from the Financial Services Commission (FSC)
  • Act as Company Secretary
  • Provision for resident directorship, registered office address and nominee shareholder
  • Provision of company secretarial & administration services
  • Provision of accounting & tax services
  • Assistance with the recruitment process and payroll of professionals;
  • Assistance in search of investments and financing;
  • Assistance to find an office in Mauritius; and
  • Assistance for occupation and residence permits

How to proceed

For further information, you are kindly requested to contact us and we shall be pleased to assist you.