Revised FDI figures for 2022 further to FALS 2023

Revised FDI figures for 2022 further to FALS 2023


Following the 2023 Foreign Assets Liabilities Survey (FALS), the Bank of Mauritius has updated the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) figures for 2022. Initially reported at Rs 27.7 billion, the revised FDI amount now stands at Rs 33.5 billion with an additional Rs 9.2 billion identified through the FALS. This survey primarily tracks the retained earnings, equity, and shareholders’ loans of foreign owned companies, reflecting the re-investments within various sectors.

This revision marks a significant 81% year-over-year increase from 2021 to 2022, setting a new record for Mauritius and surpassing the symbolic milestone of Rs 30 billion. Notably, the re-investments for 2022 alone amounted to Rs 9.1 billion, significantly higher than the Rs 6.5 billion in 2021.

Key sectors such as manufacturing, ICT, hospitality, and financial services were major contributors, collectively accounting for 28% of the total FDI inflow. This data underscores a robust economic recovery post-COVID, with every sector showing growth.

Looking ahead, projections by the Economic Development Board (EDB) suggest that FDI inflows for 2023 will likely exceed Rs 35 billion. Additionally, both public and private investments, as measured by Gross Fixed Capital Formation, saw a remarkable increase of 30.9% in 2023, following a 7.8% growth in 2022, indicating sustained economic momentum according to the latest statistics from Statistics Mauritius.