Our tax and regulatory environment are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Companies are being required to adhere to escalating compliance demands and legal considerations.


At MITCO, we ensure that our Clients engage into their transactions in a tax efficient manner and are operating within the boundaries of local laws and regulations. Our objective is to assist our Clients to mitigate their tax risks and address regulatory blocks. We offer timely and individual advice which enables the Client to achieve its business needs while ensuring legal compliance.

Mrs. Smita Shersingh, the General Counsel at MITCO Group

Hence, in order to consolidate the regulatory and tax compliance services at MITCO, Mrs. Smita Shersingh has joined our firm as General Counsel since May 2019.  Prior to joining MITCO, Smita has advised some of the biggest multinationals and domestic companies in her past role as Senior Manager in the Tax and Legal Department of PricewaterhouseCoopers. She also brings on board her rich experience in tax consulting and insightful handling of contentious issues from having occupied the post of in-house Legal Counsel of the Mauritius Revenue Authority for several years.


  • In tax minimisation and optimisation strategies
  • Adherence to regulatory and licensing requirements
  • In domestic and International tax aspects of transactions
  • For International tax treaty planning  
  • For withholding tax obligations on cross border transactions
  • For contract review
  • For Tax briefing and support to External Counsels before the Tax Authority



For more information on Regulatory and Tax Services, we invite you to contact your relationship Manager at MITCO or the business development team on or phone them on the + 230 404 8000.


We are pleased to share with you that MITCO Group has set up a Client Experience Desk which will help us to continue to improve our services.


Client Experience (CX) is a complete approach that goes beyond customer service department and considers the overall customer journey by building long term relationship with our customers.

The objectives behind the CX desk are:

  • To ensure a 24-hour response time
  • To anticipate the client needs and best services
  • To improve our communication in a more effective way
  • To provide personalised services to our clients
  • To continue to improve our services and interaction with our clients